Everyday Make Up Look!

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My first REAL beauty post! Wooooohoo yay me! Lots of free time gave me a nice opportunity to try out some new things, including YouTube! I’ve been so inspired by watching a lot of youtubers lately and I found out that I actually really enjoy making videos! I LOVE doing it! I’ve also been way more into beauty and make up lately than I’ve ever been so I thought it would be nice a great time to start doing more beauty related posts and videos! My first video is a simple “everyday look”. This is how I’ve been doing my make up quite a lot throughout the summer break and it’s easy to do and suitable for any kind of occasion.

Watch the video to find out what kind of make up products I’m using and please let me know if you liked it and if you would like to see more videos by me!

NEW YORK | Day 4 | SoHo and Washington Square Park

IMG_3581On my fourth day in NYC I went to go shopping in SoHo.. although I didn’t really find all the shops I was looking for. It takes a bit of time and a lot of map-reading to get to know New York a little and understand how to find your way around, anyway, I did have a very lovely day.

IMG_3583Look at all the deliciousness! New York has soooo many cute bakeries with lots of amazing sweetness. Hard to not get fat around there if I’m honest!

IMG_3603The daily selfie, in Washington Square Park this time!

IMG_3604I first started reading The Fault in Our Stars.. AMAZING book. I definitely recommend it for the ones that haven’t read it yet. The movie is also really great… They really followed the book well, which I think is the best, because as a reader that’s all you really want, isn’t it?

IMG_3599Washington Square Park must have been one of my favorite places in New York, I returned there a LOT, which you will see in upcoming posts and I actually almost cried saying goodbye to it on my last day. The feeling you get when you’re there is just pretty amazing.. I felt completely free, safe and happy and just comfortable sitting there on my own, reading a book. This is something that I would never do in my hometown. I guess I just don’t have that free and safe feeling as much here, which sucks, because it’s amazing. There is also a lot of music in the park, like GOOD music. It’s just really enlightening to be around creative people I think and there’s nothing weird about just being alone. Good vibes.

IMG_3612On my way from the park to the subway station.. The streets in NY are beautiful.

IMG_3620My purchases that day! All from Forever 21! Sunglasses, a sleeve for my sunglasses and a really cute pink top :)

YouTube | New York Shopping Haul


Today I’ve got something else to share with you than another NY diary post… I’ve started a Youtube channel for my blog! I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time and now that I finally had something to talk about I decided it had to be done. So I made my first Youtube video!

The same as with starting this blog.. making Youtube videos is something that I’ve always wanted to do, but just felt like I couldn’t do it.. didn’t know how and was just waiting and hesitating way to long instead of just starting and doing it. With things like this I feel like you always need to get to that point where you allow yourself to just try and for it to be okay if it isn’t perfect the first time. (Something I find really hard)

I’m not sure yet if I’m going to keep doing this and if I will have time for it. I would love to do weekly videos, but time will tell if that is possible for me. At least I can promise you that next week there will be another video! This time it’s beauty related…. So stay tuned!

Knowing that this is my first video EVER please don’t expect it to be perfect, because it isn’t.. At the end of the video my camera shut off and it had already took me so long to film that I decided to just leave it like this… but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Anyway I really hope you guys will watch it and if you do, please leave a comment or give it a thumbs up if you like it! I would really appreciate it! Also if you have some tips or advice or feedback please let me know! Leave a comment on this post or on Youtube!