Home inspiration in Paris

IMG_5205So two weeks ago I went on a trip to Paris with school to go and find some “living” inspiration. We went to the Maison et Object Furniture fair and it was so cool. I saw so many interesting designs and colours and it all made me very happy. These mint blue/green suitcases with rose golden details are just perfect. Anything rose gold immediately attracts my attention and I saw a lot of it at the exhibition.

IMG_5204I wish I could buy all of this for my own place, but I don’t have enough space for it! Again, some rose golden stuff. What I’ve also seen a lot is light colour wood combined with black. Also, a lot of use of text and words on furniture and accessories.

IMG_5208Inspiration from nature…

IMG_5216How awesome is this idea for storage! I love these little boxes for storage and they’re so cute. I’d love these on my wall! All of the things inside are on my wishlist too by the way. It’s all by “Bloomingville”. One of the cutest brands ever. I didn’t really know about this brand before, but I did recognize the style and it totally fits my taste. I want everything.

IMG_5224Including this table ware.. Pastel colours a literally my favourite thing ever. Especially for accessories and home stuff.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.. I might be posting more school related things soon, although I’m not sure yet if I will be posting them on this blog or on my other one.


NEW YORK | Day 6 | American Apparel and The High Line

IMG_3685A really good start of my morning… a chocolate macaron with chocolate ice in between. SO GOOD.

IMG_3689One of the very pretty tops I tried on in American Apparel, but didn’t buy. I did buy two other tops though, but you can check that out in my Shopping Haul video.

IMG_3706I am obsessed with these American Apparel bags. They’re so cute and I’ve seen them on Tumblr SO much. They just look so nice in photos I don’t know..

IMG_3698Oh hi and here’s another one, with myself

IMG_3699Lovely Chelsea. I went back to Chelsea later on in my NY vacation and I found out that I loved it there. It feels a bit like Brooklyn there.. a lot of creative, vintage, organic, hipstery things going on. Such good vibes. It’s a really nice neighbourhood.

IMG_3700As I just mentioned.. lots of organic stuff. This was one of the very cute shops.

IMG_3705Okay so I had always been super curious to try bubble tea… Well let me tell you. It was bloody disgusting. YUK. I literally had three sips of this and then threw it away.. the “bubbles” were so gross and maybe I just picked the wrong flavour too.. but I really hated it. Never having this again.

IMG_3712View from the High Line.

IMG_3718Cute flowers on the High Line

IMG_3731So this was The High Line. It’s an old subway line that is now transformed into a nice route to walk with lots of plants, flowers and trees. A very nice place.

IMG_3735When you get off the High Line at some point you’re really close to the water side and you get a really nice view at what I think is Hoboken (?)

I loved this day and I really enjoyed walking around Chelsea and discovering New York a bit more. I miss it so much as I’m writing this. It’s still so hard for me to get back to normal life and back to studying. I have zero motivation right now and I wish I could just go back to New York and enjoy life and be free and yeah… -rant-

Hope you enjoyed this post! xxx

NEW YORK | Day 5 | Times Square and Mexican Food

IMG_3625On my 5th day in NY I went to visit Times Square and did a little bit of shopping there. I have to say it is quite overwhelming! Everything is so big and there are sooooo many tourists.. it’s crazy. IMG_3627 IMG_3647Starbucks selfie at Times Square..IMG_3648Look at how tall these buildings are. It’s hard to even imagine that now that I’m back in Holland.. the buildings here are tiny.IMG_3630Got a little something from Sephora! If you’ve watched my New York Shopping Haul video you already know what it is.. but I will write a post about it later anyway!

IMG_3659View at the Empire State Building from Bryant Park. The parks in Manhattan are amazing.. they’re so cute and pretty.IMG_3665 IMG_3669View at the Chrysler Building.IMG_3673So at night I went to a super cute Cuban/Mexican place for dinner and a movie. I absolutely LOVED this place. The food was AMAZING……… just really.. best I’ve ever tasted.IMG_3960IMG_3675Burritos are now my favorite food. SO DELISH.IMG_3677After dinner they played a movie. Just outside on the building next to the restaurant. One of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Such a good vibe and the people I was surrounded with were just so cool and laid back. Goooood things.