NEW YORK | Day 5 | Times Square and Mexican Food

IMG_3625On my 5th day in NY I went to visit Times Square and did a little bit of shopping there. I have to say it is quite overwhelming! Everything is so big and there are sooooo many tourists.. it’s crazy. IMG_3627 IMG_3647Starbucks selfie at Times Square..IMG_3648Look at how tall these buildings are. It’s hard to even imagine that now that I’m back in Holland.. the buildings here are tiny.IMG_3630Got a little something from Sephora! If you’ve watched my New York Shopping Haul video you already know what it is.. but I will write a post about it later anyway!

IMG_3659View at the Empire State Building from Bryant Park. The parks in Manhattan are amazing.. they’re so cute and pretty.IMG_3665 IMG_3669View at the Chrysler Building.IMG_3673So at night I went to a super cute Cuban/Mexican place for dinner and a movie. I absolutely LOVED this place. The food was AMAZING……… just really.. best I’ve ever tasted.IMG_3960IMG_3675Burritos are now my favorite food. SO DELISH.IMG_3677After dinner they played a movie. Just outside on the building next to the restaurant. One of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Such a good vibe and the people I was surrounded with were just so cool and laid back. Goooood things.

Something a Little Different!


Today I want to share something a little different with you guys! This is something that I did for school. I study Lifestyle and I had to make a short movie about my dreams as a Lifestyle Professional. I actually love making stop motions.. It’s so much fun to do. Also a lot of work, but the result is so cool! I’m really happy with this video and I hope you will enjoy watching it! (If you do please give it a thumbs up on Youtube and maybe also watch my other videos)

Everyday Make Up Look!

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-28 om 15.29.14

My first REAL beauty post! Wooooohoo yay me! Lots of free time gave me a nice opportunity to try out some new things, including YouTube! I’ve been so inspired by watching a lot of youtubers lately and I found out that I actually really enjoy making videos! I LOVE doing it! I’ve also been way more into beauty and make up lately than I’ve ever been so I thought it would be nice a great time to start doing more beauty related posts and videos! My first video is a simple “everyday look”. This is how I’ve been doing my make up quite a lot throughout the summer break and it’s easy to do and suitable for any kind of occasion.

Watch the video to find out what kind of make up products I’m using and please let me know if you liked it and if you would like to see more videos by me!